Cost Estimating & Contract Practices

We provide our clients with an accurate, thorough assessment of project construction cost at any level of project definition. Our estimators have prior estimating experience in the employment of underground construction contractors. As a result, clients find our cost estimating services to be especially valuable for underground construction projects because such estimates rely more on the estimator’s practical experience than on historical cost data or indices. Our approach to tunnel cost estimating is to prepare production-type estimates that account for labor, equipment, and construction methods in the same way that a contractor would bid the work.

Jacobs Associates also places great emphasis on contract language and preparation of construction contracts. The unique nature of building underground infrastructure has led to many innovative contract practices that have been adopted in other construction sectors. We continue to pioneer industry-leading contract practices—it is a prime example of where our design, construction management, and dispute resolution skills complement each other to generate better construction contracts.

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